FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


The school gave me an envelope, how do I order?

Just mark what you would like to order on the envelope and return the sealed envelope to the school together with the payment or proof of eft inside. Be sure to return it before the cut-off date printed on the envelope.

My childs name is spelt incorrectly on the envelope, how do I correct that?

Not to worry. Just make the correction on the order envelope in pen. We will automatically update our system.

Can I have both my children on a keyring?

Absolutely. We will be happy to include siblings on any novelty item (except fridge magnets) for you. Simply order the item you want and include clear instructions and learners names to add on the same mug, keyring...etc. Some items have limited space, so please check with us if it is more than two children.

Can I pay by EFT?

Yes. Just be sure to place the confirmation of payment in the order envelope and return that to the school.

Do you have old photos from previous years?

Yes. If we took the photo, we have it on our archive.

I missed the schools cut-off date. Can I still order?

Of course. You can place your order directly with us. We will be happyto add your order while we are busy with the production of the schools orders. After delivery, the envelope packages will no longer be valid but you still order via our website or a reorder form.

My child was absent on the photoday, can I still get a photo?

Please give us a call. We can photograph your child at the school if we have another day booked for absentees or sport photos. You can also bring him/her to our studio at no extra cost.

How can I order extra items?

You can use our online order system, or just download an order form and send that to us via fax or email together with the confirmation of payment.

Will my extra orders be delivered to the school?

Unfortunately no. Re orders can either be collected from our offices, or you can select and pay for registered postage.

Can I use my old order envelope to order more photos?

Order envelopes are only valid for the main orders placed throught the school. Any additional orders, or orders from previous years will need to be place online, or by using our current reorder form.



How do I order graduation photos for my upcoming graduation?

You don't need to. All orders are place at the graduation by the photographers paypoint.

What is the procedure for photos at the graduarion ceremony?

Don't worry. We will have clear signs. You will need to go past the photographers before the ceremony. We photograph everyone before and during the graduation. The available packages can be ordered before or after the event.

Where do I pay for the photos?

The photographers there on the day will have a paypoint

I did not order on the day of my ceremony, can I still order now?

Absolutely. You can place your order online, or by making use of our current reorder form.

Where are my photos sent?

Each institution is different. The photos will either be sent to the campus for collection, or posted to you by registered postage. Please check you receipt to see which address they will be sent to.

How can I trace my photos?

When not delivered to the campus, photographs can be traced by using or on the postoffice Track & Trace system
You are welcome to call us if you need your tracking number.

Can I order special award photos?

Yes of course. Please order online or make use of our current reorder form.

I have not received my photos in the post yet, what do I do?

Please check with It is important to understand that we only send by registered post and the parcel will have to be signed for. Street addresses are not deliverable.

The post office tells me the parcel was returned to you as unclaimed, will you resend it?

When the item is returned to us, you can choose to either collect it from our offices, or we can resend it once more. Since this is not a error on our side, the postage fees will again be payable.


Can I order a custom novelty item using my own photographs?

Yes. We just need the photos you want printed on the item and any design options you have in mind. We will gladly assist with the design.

Do you have any vacancy's available?

We are a growing company. Vacancies that become available from time to time will be advertised through various employment mediums and our own website.